What can’t a freelance flight instructor do?

The biggest thing that keeps coming up for us a freelance flight instructors, is that without being a full FTU (Flight Training Unit), we are unable to issue written tests to our students.

These include:

  • PSTAR – Pre-Solo Test of Air Regulations
  • RORC – Radiotelephone Operator’s Restricted Certificate (Aeronautical)
  • PPAER – Private Pilot (Aeroplane)

We recommend getting the RORC and PSTAR done as soon as possible, as we’ve recently learned that the RORC can take up to a week to arrive after completing the exam and you can no longer solo with a temporary radio document in your pocket.

In addition to the written tests, an AP – Authorized Person must be brought into the mix to issue the SPP – Student Pilot Permit, and the final flight test must of course be given by a pilot examiner, which will need to be arranged.

Some APs are withholding the issuance of the SPP until all the pre-solo exercises have been completed, and the PTR (Pilot Training Record) has been duly documented. This is not in-line with the CARs, but we are in many ways at their mercy, so knowing ahead of time what the AP and associated FTU require will reduce the frustration significantly…

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