Night Rating

Transport Canada defines the minimum requirements for the Night Rating as follows:

  • 20 hours flight experience in the same aircraft category.
  • The applicant must have completed a minimum of 10 hours night-flight experience, including no less than 5 hours dual instruction (which must include a 2-hour cross-country), and 5 hours solo flight time, which must include 10 takeoffs and landings.
  • The applicant must also have completed 10 hours dual instrument time.


The pre-requisites for this rating are:

  • Private Pilot Licence-Aeroplane Category
  • 17 years of age
  • a valid Category 1 or Category 3 Medical Certificate


The minimum costs (from Visions Flight Services) to obtain this rating are:

5 hrs dual night $250
5 hrs supervised solo night $250
5 hrs dual instrument $250
Transport Canada Fees (approx.) $  30
Total * $780

* These are the minimum fees that you would pay to us for the instructor’s time and for TC’s paperwork filing fees. All aircraft rental for the flight training and associated costs are in addition to these numbers.

** With respect to dual instrument training, the requirements for the Night Rating are in fact 10 hours dual instrument time.  For most students seeking a Night Rating, 5 of the 10 hours would have been completed as part of their Private Pilot’s licence.