GPS Course

Though VFR flying and navigation is pretty much a combination of dead reckoning and good old pilotage, we’re seeing an ever increasing number of pilots bringing along their GPS on their flights.

This course is an opportunity to go through the configuration, planning, and even in-flight instruction of using your GPS for a cross country flight. If you don’t own your own GPS yet, not a problem, we have a spare or two that you can use for the course and flight.

You can expect a single day of ground school (where we’ll plan a cross country both with standard charts, and then again with the GPS). This will be followed up with a dual cross country to put the ground school/planning into practical use.

During the cross country flight, the emphasis will be on following the GPS enroute, but having a proper chart in hand in case there are any issues with the GPS. We will also work through a diversion during the cross country.