Co-Pilot Course

Do you have a special someone that regularly flies with you now that you have your pilot’s licence?

Or are you that special someone who flies with a person regularly and would like to know a little more?

Age doesn’t matter, as long as the participant can reach the pedals, they can learn to fly the plane and take this course.

We’ve heard that many passengers of our students would like to know more themselves about what’s happening during the flight, and would like to have the knowledge to take the controls in the case of an emergency. In addition to that, they would like to know more about the operation of the plane, be helpful during navigation and know what they can do during various phases of flight to help the pilot in command.

This course will help with all of that and more. We’ll take you through some primary flight training, helping you be comfortable keeping the aircraft in straight and level flight. Learning how to properly enter a climb or decent, and turn onto a course, while avoiding potentially dangerous flight regimes. We’ll work on primary navigation, and cover how to land the aircraft. All this can be accomplished in approximately 5-10 hours of dual flight instruction (with appropriate briefings before each flight), and two sessions of ground school (5 hours).

Other agencies offer similar training called things like: Pinch Hitter (AOPA), Mooney Mate (Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association), and Cockpit Companion (American Bonanza Society).

There is no official license or permit but, the flight time may be credited towards a future recreational pilot permit or private pilot license and you will receive a diploma upon completing the requirements..