Getting Started

Alright, you’ve decided on starting your flight training, well, where do you go from here you ask?

Make sure you either have a plan in mind, or contact us to help you put one together. We’ve had students get right up to solo stage and have had their medical delayed for some reason for instance 🙁

Here’s the list of what a PPL (Private Pilot License) requires before Transport Canada can issue a license (other licenses/ratings are similar). They’re in the recommended order of completion (costs are approximate at best):

  • Aviation Medical and Fees – $175
  • Radio Operator Certificate (Industry Canada) – Free
  • PSTAR (Pre-Solo Test if Air Regulations) – $30
  • Ground School – $450
  • Dual Flight Training (17 hours minimum) – $???
  • Solo Flight Practice (12 hours minimum) – $???
  • Written Exam – $65
  • Flight Test and Fees – $500

We would highly recommend starting at, well the beginning. Arrange for an aviation medical and make sure there isn’t anything medically that would keep you from completing your license in a timely manner. Depending on where you live, we can help you find an approved aviation doctor in your area who can do the medical for you. These can take a few (to several) weeks to be finally processed and for you to get the paperwork in your hand which is why you want to get on this early.

The radio license is pretty straight forward provided you’ve at least started your ground school work. If you haven’t, there is a study guide and sections in your ground school books that you should study then we’ll arrange for you to write the test and have your certificate issued to you.

Once you have a bit of flying under your belt and hopefully some ground school, you will write your PSTAR exam.

*** Only now (after the three above requirements have been met) can we let you go solo. Most students solo after 10-15 hours so if you want to fly a couple of times a week, you can see how quickly these three items need to be checked off…

Now that you’ve soloed, a combination of dual and solo flights ensue getting you prepped for the flight test.

Keep at the ground school, and we recommend writing your written exam before tackling the flight test, but we’ve had students do it both ways.

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