Flight Training

The following letter is to provide insight to whom it may concern, in regards to my experience on learning how to fly, with my instructor Steve Morley.

Firstly I’d like to say, Steve is gentlemen and an excellent teacher. I have recently completed my flight training with Steve, and have now successfully passed my flight test for a private pilot license. Steve’s experience speaks for itself; he has flawless control of the plane when flying.

I always felt safe and assured when flying with him.

Above and beyond his knowledge and capabilities as a pilot and flight instructor, one of the things I appreciated most about my experience with him was his wonderful personality. Steve was always positive and encouraging. This is a very healthy and conducive way to learn. Steve was always able to answer my question and give me direction even if the questions were outside of the private pilot curriculum.

Even before stepping into a plane with him for the first time he helped me get my insurance and paper work sorted properly and made sure the plane was in proper working condition. Though out the training period, Steve helped me organize my paperwork and prepared me for my written test as well. He also helped with the the logistics of delivering the plane, storing the plane and fuelling the plane.

Without a doubt of hesitation, I strongly recommend hiring Steve as a flight instructor or employee, as his commitment and passion for teaching and flying completely exceeded all of my expectations. I am looking forward to do more training with Steve. I have already recommend him to several people interested in taking flying lessons and will continue to do so.

I flew previously with five other instructors before finding Steve, and he is definitely number one in my books.

I personally feel confident in my skill and abilities now, all thanks to many hours of instruction from a extraordinarily competent flight instructor. Come time to receive an invoice, Steve was always generous with his charge.

I have nothing but good things to say about Steve. I appreciate and respect him as a teacher, as a pilot, and as a man.

I’d even venture to say, if you don’t like Steve on your first flight lesson, then that lessons on me!

Thank you kindly for everything, and I wish the best to your new clients and associates as well.

Good luck in your future training, I guarantee your success with Steve if you stick with him.

S. Balfe

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