Getting Started

Alright, you’ve decided on starting your flight training, well, where do you go from here you ask?

Make sure you either have a plan in mind, or contact us to help you put one together. We’ve had students get right up to solo stage and have had their medical delayed for some reason for instance 🙁

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What can’t a freelance flight instructor do?

The biggest thing that keeps coming up for us a freelance flight instructors, is that without being a full FTU (Flight Training Unit), we are unable to issue written tests to our students.

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What Airplane can I use?

Doing Freelance flight instruction, we are always asked about using our personal airplanes, or recommending someone they can rent an aircraft from.

Transport Canada states in 406.03 of the CARS (Canadian Aviation Regulations):

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How Much Will it Cost?

The costs for flight training, whether it’s with a freelance flight instructor, or through an FTU (Flight Training Unit) are variable based 100% on how much work the student is willing to put in before, during, and after each lesson.

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What is a freelance flight instructor?

A freelance flight instructor is one who, rather than only teaching at a registered FTU (Flight Training Unit), also (or only) teaches you on your own airplane.

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